1000 FRIENDS OF ORE. v. WASCO CO. COURT, 64 Or. App. 3 (1983)

666 P.2d 299

1000 FRIENDS OF OREGON et al, Petitioners, v. WASCO COUNTY COURT et al, Respondents.

82-052; CA A26426Oregon Court of Appeals.Argued and submitted June 27, 1983
Affirmed July 20, 1983

Judicial Review From Land Use Board of Appeals.

Mark J. Greenfield, Portland, argued the cause and filed the brief for petitioners.

Bernard L. Smith, District Attorney, Wasco County, The Dalles, waived appearance for respondent Wasco County Court.

Timothy V. Ramis, Portland, argued the cause for respondent Chidvalis Rajneesh Meditation Center. On the brief were Steven L. Pfeiffer and O’Donnell, Sullivan Ramis, Portland.

Before Buttler, Presiding Judge, and Warren and Rossman, Judges.



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LUBA’s dismissal of the petition for review is affirmed, because the order sought to be reviewed, the proclamation of incorporation of the city, is not the final order involving a land use decision in the incorporation process. The order authorizing an incorporation election is the order reviewable by LUBA. 1000 Friends of Ore. v. Wasco Co. Court, 62 Or. App. 715, 659 P.2d 1001, rev den 295 Or. 259 (1983).


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